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Arriving at the Castle in Style

Rounding the corner from Town Square onto Main Street in the Magic Kingdom is still one of the most magical experiences for me.  There you are at the end of an early 20th century inspired small town street and shining in the distance is Cinderella’s Castle.  It is the perfect way to transport you from your everyday life into a truly Magic Kingdom!


For most people, myself included, the walk down Main Street is often filled with determination and haste…you don’t want to miss getting on that popular attraction before the line fills and the wait becomes unbearable.  However, on my last trip, I decided to slow myself down and really take a look at all the wonderful details that sometimes just get raced past while on a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort.  This trip was a Mommy/Son adventure, and as soon as the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show ended we entered Town Square and found a Main Street Vehicle parked right in front of us – so we decided to take a ride down Main Street instead of our usual dash!


Justin, our driver welcomed us onto a beautiful, red antique car – part of the Main Street Transportation Company.  He told us that this particular vehicle was 113 years old!  There were already 2 other people in the car and we did have to wait for a few more people to ask to join before we started our trip, but that happened soon enough and then off we went!



It was really fun riding in the car – everyone sort of stops and peeks in and waves to you – so of course we waved back like celebrities.  I thought it would have slowed down our touring, but really, everyone had to move to get out of our way, so it was really a very quick and pleasurable drive down Main Street.  I was able to notice the design and details of buildings and smile and wave to the cast members who are doing their best to greet the hundreds of people swarming in around them – normally I’m trying to keep my family from getting separated and I’m calling out directions to them of where to go.  Justin was also really great about talking to us about some of his time working at Disney World and asking us questions about where we’re from.


(view out back of car)
(view out back of car)

So the next time you’re at the Magic Kingdom and you see those antique cars, remember that they’re not just there to look pretty and add to the décor – hop on and go for a ride!


The ride is one way and takes you to Cinderella’s Castle.  Similarly, if you board the car (or any of the other Main Street Vehicles) at Cinderella’s Castle, you will get a one way ride back to Town Square.  Cars tend to run daily from 9am – 10:15am. You can check times and read more about them on Disney’s Official Website by clicking here.

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