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Be Our Guest – Quick Service Lunch


Be Our Guest…is there anyone out there who hears that phrase and doesn’t start humming this…


In addition to this tune entering my mind, I also have the knowledge that Be Our Guest is one of hardest restaurant reservations to obtain at Walt Disney World…even when breakfast and lunch are quick service meals!

Be Our Guest Restaurant is a fairly new restaurant in the Magic Kingdom, but that alone isn’t the reason for its popularity.  The restaurant is housed in Beast’s Castle in Fantasyland and the theming inside is extraordinary!  The magic begins the moment you check in at the castle gate!

I had a chance to have lunch there a few weeks ago.  After checking in we crossed the bridge and got in line to order.  A few enchanted sleepy suits of armor kept us company as we waited!

Shhh...can you keep the snoring down!
Shhh…can you keep the snoring down!

A few minutes later we entered the room where you can either place your order at a kiosk or go to a cashier and speak to a cast member.  Another option is to pre order your lunch (or breakfast) 30 days in advance to save some time- you get in a shorter line and just pay !



Once you are finished paying you make your way further into the castle and can select which of the 3 exquisite rooms you wish to dine in!

On this visit we picked a table in the Grand Ballroom:


Another choice is Belle’s library, The Castle Gallery:


And lastly the dark and mysterious West Wing, which did not photograph well this last trip, but I will try again next time 🙂

Sometimes you are given a red “rose” to leave on your table in order for the food to magically find its way to you, but this time Cast Members just asked to see our receipts and noted it somewhere.  I collected some silverware and our fountain drinks and was then rewarded when I sat down when one of these beautiful carts rolled up with all of our meals!


I ordered the Carved Turkey Sandwich.  It is served on a baguette with Dijon mayo and fries and is one of my FAVORITE sandwiches in ALL of Disney World!


We also ordered a few desserts: The Master’s Cupcake which comes with the famous “Grey Stuff” mentioned in our title song; The Triple Chocolate Cupcake; and the Chocolate Cream Puff.

Due to our food allergies, some of the dessert decorations appear to be missing.

We always like to dine here either before or after experiencing Enchanted Tales with Belle.  It makes for a nice little Beauty and Beast afternoon and a VERY tasty meal!

Be Our Guest serves Breakfast and Lunch as a quick service meal and Dinner as a full service sit down restaurant (you may not pre order dinner).  Reservations are recommended for breakfast, lunch & dinner services. While it is not guaranteed, you usually have the opportunity to meet The Beast during the dinner service only.

Lunch Menu:







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