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My Disney Desktop!

Here’s some more news that’s come across my desk that I wanted to share!

We saw Moana in the theater back in December and ordered it on demand the day it came out – and I have to tell you – I love it more and more each time I see it… AND there is no way you can watch this Oscar segment, featuring the actress who voices Moana, Auli’i Cravalho, and not LOVE her too!  Her pure and refreshing performance tops most things I’ve seen in recent times. (click here)

Have you ever gone DisneyBounding?…or even know what I’m talking about?  DisneyBounding is when you dress in pieces of clothing and accessories that are in step with a Disney character.  For example, during one visit to Magic Kingdom Park last year, I wore green mermaid scale leggings, a lavender top and a sea star hair clip…I was DisneyBounding as Ariel!  Just recently John Stamos strutted his stuff in a DisneyBounding outfit of his own! (click here)

Now you want in on DisneyBounding too – don’t you?  Well Disney has now made it easier than ever!  Check out this new line of clothing that will be available at Disney Springs later this month! (click here)

Another new thing available at Disney Springs is New Personalized Storybooks at the Photopass Studio.  I can see this being the BEST magical vacation memento! (click here)

It’s been snowing up here in the North East – so I’m dreaming of summer…here’s a fun video with some Lilo and Stitch summer inspired nails – doing this may just be the pick me up I need! (click here)

Hope you enjoyed these articles – let me know which ones you liked best!  I’ll keep sorting through the good and the bad to bring you the best Disney updates in My Disney Desktop!

Also- don’t forget – Sprinkling Pixie Dust is about to turn ONE!  I’m giving away a $100 Disney gift card to one lucky winner to mark the occasion – see how you can enter! (click here)

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Meeting Disney Characters!

It was sometime back in the 1980s, but I have a clear memory of spotting Snow White out of the corner of my eye and racing over to her (along with a bunch of other kids)  – hoping that I’d be able to get her autograph. We hadn’t been looking for her – we were just walking down a path in the Magic Kingdom – and when she signed my book it was like magic!

These days you aren’t likely to just run into a character walking down a path – there are schedules and meeting spots and fastpasses to think about – but I will tell you – it’s still magical!

There are many places you can meet characters in Walt Disney World – and if you check your My Disney Experience App, you will find a list of every character who will be out and about that day – what times – and where to find them.  For some characters in the Magic Kingdom, like Gaston or Woody and Jessie, you go to their meeting spot and wait in line, for others, like the princesses who meet in Princess Fairytale Hall and Talking Mickey in the Town Square Theater, you can either wait in line, or select meeting them as one of your Fastpass+ choices for the day.



If spending time waiting for a character meet  is not something you want to spend your time doing, another option is to book a character meal!  My family loves to do this – that way we can meet 4 or 5 characters while we’re enjoying some delicious food.  You are seated at your table, and the characters rotate and come to you!  Some character meals we have enjoyed in the past are Chef Mickey’s Fun Time Buffet at the Contemporary hotel, Cinderella’s Happily Ever After Dinner at 1900 Park Fare at The Grand Floridian, and both the Disney Junior Play and Dine and Minnie’s Seasonal Dine at Hollywood and Vine in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.




But are your kids ready to meet characters up close and personal?… I thought for sure that mine would be dying to meet their favorite Disney friends – they BEGGED for me to list meet after meet in our touring plan. Then when we got face to face (or face to mask in some instances) – they freaked.  Now we prepare by watching youtube videos of character meets to prepare – and we also usually stay more calm around “face characters” (characters where you see their actual human face).  On our last trip though – my older children did give a few characters hugs and high fives, so I think we may add a few meet and greets back into our rotation.



I’ve found that having a plan for meeting the characters helps.  If you have autograph books you can practice with your child what they will say to ask for the autograph.  Sometimes we purposely wear clothes that have that character’s image on it so we can point it out them.  My kids have started coming up with fun questions to ask the characters.  Even the ones who don’t talk back have found ways to answer!  My son asked Sorcerer Mickey at Hollywood Studios if he could turn him into a frog.  After thinking about it for a moment – he led my son over to his spell book and “searched” for a spell – we LOVED it!



Let’s say your children aren’t ready to get too close to their favorite characters – don’t worry – there are SO many shows and parades happening all day long where you get close, but not too close to your favorite Disney friends.




What characters are you hoping to meet?  Do you have any great character stories to share?  We’d love to hear about it all – leave a comment here or on Sprinkling Pixie Dust’s Facebook page! And…be on the look out every Friday, when I’ll post some of my favorite “Disney Friend” pictures!

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Unplanned Summer Hiatus

Why does summer vacation fly by so fast?!  Here we are, approaching August, and I just don’t know where they days have gone!  Oh wait…maybe I do…shuttling to different day camp activities…caring for summer colds (including my own)…a week at the beach (no complaints there)…

We still were able to incorporate some Disney magic!

We saw Finding Dory in 3D – which was good as far as sequels go – but BRING THE TISSUE BOX!  My kids only cried at the “happy tears” moments – but every flashback to little Dory and her parents (and be warned, there are many) made me a water works.  And in case you haven’t heard – stay until the VERY END- past all the credits – for a little Disney Pixar extra to enjoy.



We made a big deal about the countdown to the first episode of the new Disney Channel series “Elena of Avalor”. Plus we took a trip to the Times Square Disney Store and saw all the new Elena merchandise.


Our summer PJs – of course are Disney themed!


My husband and I had a wonderful date night – we went to see Finding Neverland on Broadway – and while it is not a Disney production – it is a wonderful show about J.M.Barrie, the author of our beloved story of Peter Pan.  There were some beautiful magically staged moments in the show.  Plus, a CRAZY TALENTED college friend of mine, Kevin Kern, played the lead that night and graciously let us come backstage after the show to take a look around.  The show is set to close on Broadway on August 21st – but there will be a National Tour – GO SEE IT.  There is one scene near the end which is just so magical…and it uses…you guessed it – pixie dust!



And most recently – while on our beach vacation – I took a little “Mommy break” and went shopping in town.  I popped into the KMart to get out of the 90+ degree heat and saw these awesome treasures:

For if I ever have a lawn!
For if I ever have a lawn!
For long car rides - a lap activity table.
For long car rides – a lap activity table.
It says for age 6 - but the child REALLY needs to know how to read - we modified it and made teams with a parent and child on each team.
It says for age 6 – but the child REALLY needs to know how to read – we modified it and made teams with a parent and child on each team.


I only bought the game – but we love it and have been playing it every night!

So – July slipped through my fingers – but I plan on buckling down in August and Sprinkling tons and tons of Pixie Dust your way!

Here’s some Amazon Associate links of things I found and love (just click a picture for more info):

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Mouseketeer Fashion!

If we were to take a family photo everyday, you would be sure to find at least one of the five of us wearing something “Disney”.  I wear my Mother’s Day Minnie Bow ring everyday and now that the weather is warmer I wear my new Mickey Crocs too!  We also have tons of T-Shirts, hoodies, jackets, purses & PJs!

Some higher-end brand names have joined in the Disney fun this year!  I had seen some of Coach’s new Disney X Coach on-line, so as we walked along 5th Ave one afternoon and saw the fun Mickey windows we decided to stop in!



Inside the store was a huge screen which showed off some Coach fashion and some Mickey sketches.  One has Mickey spitting, which my kids couldn’t get over! They said it reminded them of the shows they saw on the Disney Classic Cartoons Channel on vacation on the Walt Disney World Resort TV.


There was a nice display in the front of the store of all the Disney X Coach merchandise.


Some of it is really cute!


These wallets (shown above) retail for $275.  The bookmarks run from $30- $40.

Mickey Crossbody Clutch, $225
Mickey Crossbody Clutch, $225
Mickey Skinny Tote, $595
Mickey Skinny Tote, $595

But for me, Mickey looks a little too angry or sneaky in the rest of these products.  So my wallet will be spared in this store.  The bags and wallets themselves and the colors they are made in I really like.  I just prefer to see Mickey look a lot more happy!  You can see the full Disney X Coach line on Coach’s Official Website (click here).

Coach isn’t the only one to have some new Disney inspired looks!  You can read (click here) about some Disney fashion that was seen at Berlin Fashion Week.  I’d personally like a pair of the Chiara Ferragni shoes!

And men…don’t worry – there’s fashion for you too!  Gucci has some great Donald Duck pieces all set for Spring 2017 – you can read about it (click here)!



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