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Disney Became Even More Magical to Me 2 Years Ago – Food Allergy Awareness Week

This week is Food Allergy Awareness Week! The truth is if you spend any time with my family you will become more aware of food allergies regardless of the week.  I do try to spread a little extra allergy information to those who don’t live with it on a daily basis though during this special week each year.

A little over 2 years ago, I gave my twins their first bite of peanut butter. One gobbled it down and the other instantly told me his “mouth hurt”.  That bite, up to the moment when the Emergency Room nurse yelled at me to stop talking to her because she was trying to save my baby’s life, were the most terrifying moments of my life and LIFE has never been the same.

Taken from foodallergy.org

Taken from Foodallergy.org
Taken from Foodallergy.org

Catboy, like most people with food allergies, can’t eat like most people do. Not only can he not eat any foods that contain his allergens, he can’t eat foods that are produced in a facility where those allergens are present, due the potential risk of cross contamination.  How would a person even know that – right?  Well, Catboy doesn’t eat any foods that mom or dad haven’t called or emailed the company that manufactures them.

Every. Single. Food.

Companies are not required to write that “may contains” notice you see on some foods – that’s voluntary…and when you have an allergy to something that isn’t considered one of the “Top 8 Allergens” by the FDA like we do, that ingredient doesn’t even need to be written on the label. It can be covered by their writing “natural flavors” or “spices”.


So what does this have to do with my love of Disney?

Well, we had already taken the children to Disney 2 times before this happened and I dreamed of taking Continue Reading

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How to Plan a Trip to Disney World – A Beginner’s Quick Guide

I go to Disney World more than once a year (4 times this year) – that seems like a lot to some people considering I live in the North East – but I love it there!  I start planning  my next trip in my head before I’ve even left the vacation I’m currently on!  When friends ask me to help them plan their Walt Disney World Resort vacations I always have to keep in mind that they don’t have 3D maps of everything in their mind, schedules running like film in their brains, and ideas for new magical memories to make – they literally want to know what to do to get there and make sense of it all. So I think I’ve finally come up with a few steps to give them a basic outline of what to do without overwhelming them…then I can help them sprinkle some pixie dust along the way.

I’m happy to share these steps with you!…and as this blog grows, I’ll link to future posts that will explain things even more!

First thing’s first, if you haven’t already, sign up for a My Disney Experience Account:   click here
 and then download the My Disney Experience App to your phone.
Second, of course is deciding when to go!  Take out those calendars and see what’s a good fit for you.
If you have flexibility you should take into consideration crowd levels (a quick Google search can help you see when schools are on break which usually leads to high crowds).  Every season at Disney has its pros and cons, but…the cons are negligible because YOU’RE AT DISNEY and with good planning you’ll be sure that nothing hinders your fun!

Continue Reading

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Winter’s End Trip Starts at Disney Springs


My daughter (age 5) and I were fortunate enough to take some time away together for our first ever Mommy/Daughter weekend.  After settling into the Pop Century resort we started our evening of activities at Disney Springs, Disney World’s downtown district that is filled with shops, restaurants, shows and fun!  Our resort bus dropped us off at the Marketplace area.  We immediately started to check out the shops! We bought a pair of personalized EARS for a friend who is turning one next month (and having a Mickey themed birthday party) at the Wonderful World of Memories store.  We literally went into every store in the Marketplace area.  The Disney’s Days of Christmas shop is always a treat to visit – you are instantly greeted by cast members with a “Merry Christmas” upon entering – no matter what day of the year it is outside their doors.  Everyday is Christmas? – yes, thank you!  The store is filled to the ceiling with ornaments and Disney Christmas décor.  They currently have a small Frozen themed merchandise nook off to one side of the store.

Another store that knocked our socks off was Continue Reading

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