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Arriving at the Castle in Style

Rounding the corner from Town Square onto Main Street in the Magic Kingdom is still one of the most magical experiences for me.  There you are at the end of an early 20th century inspired small town street and shining in the distance is Cinderella’s Castle.  It is the perfect way to transport you from your everyday life into a truly Magic Kingdom!


For most people, myself included, the walk down Main Street is often filled with determination and haste…you don’t want to miss getting on that popular attraction before the line fills and the wait becomes unbearable.  However, on my last trip, I decided to slow myself down and really take a look at all the wonderful details that sometimes just get raced past while on a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort.  This trip was a Mommy/Son adventure, and as soon as the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show ended we entered Town Square and found a Main Street Vehicle parked right in front of us – so we decided to take a ride down Main Street instead of our usual dash!


Justin, our driver welcomed us onto a beautiful, red antique car – part of the Main Street Transportation Company.  He told us that this particular vehicle was 113 years old!  There were already 2 other people in the car and we did have to wait for a few more people to ask to join before we started our trip, but that happened soon enough and then off we went!



It was really fun riding in the car – everyone sort of stops and peeks in and waves to you – so of course we waved back like celebrities.  I thought it would have slowed down our touring, but really, everyone had to move to get out of our way, so it was really a very quick and pleasurable drive down Main Street.  I was able to notice the design and details of buildings and smile and wave to the cast members who are doing their best to greet the hundreds of people swarming in around them – normally I’m trying to keep my family from getting separated and I’m calling out directions to them of where to go.  Justin was also really great about talking to us about some of his time working at Disney World and asking us questions about where we’re from.


(view out back of car)
(view out back of car)

So the next time you’re at the Magic Kingdom and you see those antique cars, remember that they’re not just there to look pretty and add to the décor – hop on and go for a ride!


The ride is one way and takes you to Cinderella’s Castle.  Similarly, if you board the car (or any of the other Main Street Vehicles) at Cinderella’s Castle, you will get a one way ride back to Town Square.  Cars tend to run daily from 9am – 10:15am. You can check times and read more about them on Disney’s Official Website by clicking here.

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My Disney Desktop

So much news, so little time!

That’s how I feel as I pour through all the Disney related websites and news articles that come my way.  Some of it is full of useful and interesting info…the rest, not so much…


So I thought I’d sort through some of it for you and from time to time highlight a few links that have passed my desktop and really caught my eye!

I’ll start today!

Forbes reports that Zootopia is the second-biggest original movie ever!(read here)…and today it was released on DVD!  We just ordered it On-Demand and will be watching it later today! On the flip side, Disney’s latest Alice movie didn’t do as well as expected (read here) – I admit, I haven’t seen it yet….have any of you? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

Another thing new starting today…you can now make reservations for a new dining package at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom.  The Main Street Electrical Parade Dining Package is described on the My Disney Experience Website as this: “Indulge in a Lady and the Tramp-inspired lunch by day before enjoying VIP viewing of the Main Street Electrical Parade at night.”  You can read about the details  on the Disney Parks Blog (here).

Heading to Disney Springs? If you’re taking Disney bus transportation you’ll now be dropped off at the new bus depot at the centrally located Town Center (read here).  This will be a nice change – now if you’re on the Westside you won’t have to walk all the way back to the Marketplace on the East side to be picked up.

I’m getting excited to visit Animal Kingdom and see all the new nighttime additions (read here) – for now, I’ve been looking through  “Nighttime Inspired Wallpapers” – you can download them too from (here). I can’t wait to see the Tree of Life “awaken” at night!

Now this is the most fun article I found this week “5 Disney Movie Secrets from Alan Menken” (read here).  Numbers 1 & 2 are my favorite – which are yours? Let us know!

Stay tuned for more editions of  My Disney Desktop!





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Disney Parks Blog announced TONS of new attractions, shows and events opening in the parks starting this summer (and sooner)!  I thought I’d summarize some of the start dates for you and link to Disney Parks Blog so you could read their official announcements!


May 27th

  • Animal Kingdom:
    • Nighttime Kilimanjaro Safaris
    • Nighttime Awakening of the Tree of Life
    • Wildlife Parti in the Harambe
    • Discovery Island Carnivale
  • Blizzard Beach:
    • Frozen Games with Olaf and Kristoff

May 28th

June 17th

June 21st

  • Epcot:
    • Frozen Ever After
    • Royal Sommerhus


I can’t wait to get to Disney World and experience all of these – it’s such an exciting time to visit The Walt Disney World Resort!!!


Also…Don’t forget to enter Sprinkling Pixie Dust’s Giveaway Contest.  Deadline to enter is Tuesday, May 31st at Noon (EST).  Click here for more details!

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Be Our Guest – Quick Service Lunch


Be Our Guest…is there anyone out there who hears that phrase and doesn’t start humming this…


In addition to this tune entering my mind, I also have the knowledge that Be Our Guest is one of hardest restaurant reservations to obtain at Walt Disney World…even when breakfast and lunch are quick service meals!

Be Our Guest Restaurant is a fairly new restaurant in the Magic Kingdom, but that alone isn’t the reason for its popularity.  The restaurant is housed in Beast’s Castle in Fantasyland and the theming inside is extraordinary!  The magic begins the moment you check in at the castle gate!

I had a chance to have lunch there a few weeks ago.  After checking in we crossed the bridge and got in line to order.  A few enchanted sleepy suits of armor kept us company as we waited!

Shhh...can you keep the snoring down!
Shhh…can you keep the snoring down!

A few minutes later we entered the room where you can either place your order at a kiosk or go to a cashier and speak to a cast member.  Another option is to pre order your lunch (or breakfast) 30 days in advance to save some time- you get in a shorter line and just pay !



Once you are finished paying you make your way further into the castle and can select which of the 3 exquisite rooms you wish to dine in!

On this visit we picked a table in the Grand Ballroom:


Another choice is Belle’s library, The Castle Gallery:


And lastly the dark and mysterious West Wing, which did not photograph well this last trip, but I will try again next time 🙂

Sometimes you are given a red “rose” to leave on your table in order for the food to magically find its way to you, but this time Cast Members just asked to see our receipts and noted it somewhere.  I collected some silverware and our fountain drinks and was then rewarded when I sat down when one of these beautiful carts rolled up with all of our meals!


I ordered the Carved Turkey Sandwich.  It is served on a baguette with Dijon mayo and fries and is one of my FAVORITE sandwiches in ALL of Disney World!


We also ordered a few desserts: The Master’s Cupcake which comes with the famous “Grey Stuff” mentioned in our title song; The Triple Chocolate Cupcake; and the Chocolate Cream Puff.

Due to our food allergies, some of the dessert decorations appear to be missing.

We always like to dine here either before or after experiencing Enchanted Tales with Belle.  It makes for a nice little Beauty and Beast afternoon and a VERY tasty meal!

Be Our Guest serves Breakfast and Lunch as a quick service meal and Dinner as a full service sit down restaurant (you may not pre order dinner).  Reservations are recommended for breakfast, lunch & dinner services. While it is not guaranteed, you usually have the opportunity to meet The Beast during the dinner service only.

Lunch Menu:







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Special Holiday Events at the Magic Kingdom!


Spring is blooming all around us, but Disney is already preparing for the 2016 Holiday Season!

Disney hosts special events for both the Halloween and Christmas seasons.  Guests have the opportunity to purchase hard tickets to events that start at 7pm at the Magic Kingdom on select days.  These events are not included in general admission so you must buy a hard ticket to attend.  However, even though the event starts at 7pm (when the park will close to regular guests), guests who purchase the tickets can enter the park starting at 4pm, so if you don’t have a regular park ticket for the day of the party you still Continue Reading

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Magical Evening

Our Mommy/Daughter Disney World Weekend wasn’t even half over and already we had so much fun (you can read about our morning at the Magic Kingdom here.)

Late afternoon we headed over to Tomorrowland and picked up a FastPass+ to ride the Tomorrowland Speedway later.  Then we took a ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, which takes you on a tour THROUGH the Tomorrowland attractions, giving you a sneak peak! We exited and crossed the path to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.


This is a popular ride and we did have to wait about 30 minutes (waits can reach Continue Reading

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Midday Magic!

After an amazing start to our day at the Magic Kingdom (you can read about it here) we kept the non-stop magic going!

Right after the show it started to pour!  Luckily it was time for us to use our first FastPass+ of the day, so no waiting in line in the rain for us! We headed over to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, passed the Dwarfs’ cottage and entered the mine.



This is one of Walt Disney World’s newer attractions and waits can sometimes be Continue Reading

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After a fun night at Disney Springs, my daughter and I woke up early to make sure we made it to the Magic Kingdom a half hour before it opened.  “Why?” you may ask…because when you do, you not only get to see a most special show, but you are also one of the first people in the park and can ride many popular attractions with very little wait.

At 8:40am that morning the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show began.  Dancers, characters and of course, Mickey himself, arrived on the Walt Disney World Railroad to sing and welcome you to the park. One lucky family is chosen daily to ride the train and join the celebration and the rest of the crowd is showered with smiles, streamers and fireworks.  I have seen this show so many times and each time – even though I know it happens daily – I still feel like something special is going to happen THAT DAY. This show makes you feel like it’s opening day at Walt Disney World and that they have planned a very special day just for you!







Once the show is over the “rope drops” and the park is open!  Everyone starts flooding the park – racing to get to their desired attraction.  We definitely were girls on a mission, but I always like to be sure to take Continue Reading

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