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Texting. Typing. Lifting. Holding. Waving.  Our fingers do a lot and draw a lot of attention, sooo….Disney-fy them!

I used to try easier tactics – red nails with white spots for Minnie…glitter nail polish for pixie dust…all good efforts…but nothing compared to the Pinterest pictures I’ve seen.  Well, I do not have the talent to paint those intricate designs and I’ve asked many manicurists if they would give them a try – but no luck.

A high school friend recently started selling Jamberry nail wraps and posted on Facebook that they now sell Disney themed nail wraps.  I had to give them a try!

I ordered 2 sets:  Aurora’s Castle and Mad for Minnie.


Last month I posted about wearing my Aurora’s Castle and the coordinating polish I added (read here). Today I decided to go red with Mad for Minnie.  Putting the wraps on isn’t hard at all.  These are the supplies I use:


First I make sure my nails are clean and cared for, like a regular manicure.  Then I select a wrap that matches the size of the nail I want to wrap.  Each wrap gets cut in half so it’s good for 2 nails.  You are supposed to slightly warm the wraps with a hairdryer for 5 seconds so that it becomes more flexible.  I skip this step and haven’t had any problems, but some people swear by this step.  Then I press the wrap on my nail, cut off the excess and use my nail file to remove anything that’s left.  After that I use the rubber cuticle pusher to push the wrap down all over the nail – and VIOLA! Nails are wrapped and I have Disney at my finger tips for 2 weeks!

Sometimes I just do an accent nail here or there for fun – this also extends the life of my pack of wraps!

Jamberry currently is selling wraps with many different Minnie, Aurora and Ariel designs…however they will only be available until May 3rd – that is VERY SOON!  I’m hoping they are retiring these designs in order to make room for some new ones!  If you have any questions about Jamberry or would like to place an order, Kerri would be a great resource.  Here is a link to her Jamberry page which shows all the limited edition Disney designs and a way to email her with your questions!

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