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Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival 2016

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

This month my family and I were able to visit Epcot twice during the International Flower and Garden Show!  As soon as we entered the park, there was a topiary of Daisy welcoming us, followed by a beautiful garden of flowers and vegetables (that Donald and the boys were apparently tending to…)



We picked up a free Garden Passport and spent tons of time seeing all the natural treasures that the park was offering!




The first area we checked out was the “Butterflies on the Go” tent.  That’s a very accurate name for the exhibit as those butterflies were fluttering around furiously.  I could barely catch a picture of one.  See if you can find them:



Phew! Finally one landed on the orange flower :)
Phew! Finally one landed on the orange flower 🙂

It was a serene area full of beautiful flowers, butterflies and fun facts!



To top off the fun we got our Passport stamped on the way out!


From there we started to take a stroll around the World Showcase.  I cannot tell a lie – staying interested as we walk around the World Showcase is still a little tough for my little ones.  Luckily during the Flower & Garden Festival there are tons of character topiaries that we hunt for.  Every Tuesday, for the rest of the Spring season, I’ll post a picture or two of some of our favorites…so be on the lookout for “Topiary Tuesdays”!

My husband and I did take note of the many outdoor international kitchen offerings they have during the festival – we’re hoping they’ll be available again in future years to try out! Another thing we want to plan for on a future trip, is attending one of the Garden Rocks concerts!


For this trip we kept things a little more simple and checked out the festival playgrounds back in Future World. The Music Garden Melodies play area near the Imagination Pavillion and the Cactus Road Rally play area near Test Track were fun areas for the children to be free – and they also had friendly character topiaries!


We had a chance to learn about the importance of Pollinators:






AND…we decided to sign up for a special tour!  We took the Behind the Seeds Tour in the Land Pavilion and it was AMAZING.  It was a truly special experience which I highly recommend!  You can read about our tour by clicking here.


All in all – spending time at the Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot was a nice way to break up the more high energy, ride filled days at some of the other parks.



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