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Jeweled Dragon Acrobats

Several times a day in the courtyard in front of Reflections of China in Epcot’s World Showcase you can see a performance of the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats!


This troupe from China is one of many groups that provide what Disney calls “streetmosphere”.  There isn’t any formal seating, but you are encouraged to sit on the ground up close to the show or on benches nearby.

This particular show is filled with vibrant costumes, wonderful music and high energy acrobatics!

The show begins with the performers doing fairly standard (and fun) acrobatic stunts – like these 2:



A little later in this 20 minute show, we saw a solo, which I imagine tells a traditional Chinese story through movement and masks.  It was my children’s favorite part of the show as the performer’s mask would change color and appearance so fast we have no idea how he did it!

The show ends with intense juggling and tumbling and “flying”.  Some performers were wearing what I’ll call “bouncy stilts” and they soared…so much so that I was a little afraid sitting so close to the front – one mistake could have landed someone on my head…I’ll assume this hasn’t ever happened, but not gonna lie – next time we’re sitting further back, lol.



We enjoyed this show and would see it again for sure!  You can check The Walt Disney World Resort’s official website (here) for more details and showtimes!


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