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Mickey Mouse Birthdays!

Birthdays + Mickey = The Best Time Ever!

When my twins turned 2 we threw a  little party in the back of a local restaurant.  We had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing on an overhead screen, shakers for the little ones to make music with as they danced along to the show, and some coloring pages to fill that I down loaded from Disney Junior at the time (examples here).  I thought I did a good job by having everyone wear mouse ears, a cute personalized cake topper and some authentic Mickey Mouse Gloves on hand to give a high 5 (well, 4) with when our guests said goodbye.





Well, I just attended the sweetest Mickey themed birthday for a special friend, Sherwood, who was turning 1.  I was blown away with the personalization and theming – so I asked his mom if I could tell you about it!

As soon as you walked into the apartment it was clear that this party was all Mickey and all Sherwood!


His mom told me that much of the décor and Mickey themed treats were from Etsy – but I give her all the credit for narrowing it down to such great choices!  I will let the pictures speak for themselves:







Not only did those treats look great – they tasted awesome too!  It was a fantastic birthday party and I can see why this little boy was so happy!

Isn't he the cutest?!
Isn’t he the cutest?!


Have you ever had a Mickey themed birthday party?  We’d love to hear what you did!  Leave a comment below…or comment and show your pictures on Sprinkling Pixie Dust’s Facebook Page!

Here’s ways to get some of the party ideas shown above:

Etsy Mickey Mouse Birthday ideas: here

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