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Tons of articles have come across my desk this past month – so let’s get started!

There’s only about a month left of summer – be sure to check out these 10 “can’t miss” attractions at Disneyland in California! (read here)

If you never had the dream of a Disney World wedding before, the photos alone from this article from Racked will definitely  you think about it – I think I’m feeling a vow renewal may be in order for us! Plus you’ll find out about Facebook Groups for past, present and future Disney brides! (read here)

Well…it’s not on the Disney website, but Kenny the Pirate has reported a Green Army Men Bootcamp happening from time to time at Hollywood Studios – I am definitely going to see if that’s happening on our next trip! (read here)

I read this wonderful article about Mary Blair that I wanted to share – she designed “it’s a small world” and so much more for Disney – I never knew she was behind so many wonderful Disney classics! (read here)

Oh My Disney made a great list of  “19 Firsts You Didn’t Know About Shanghai Disneyland” – oh how I want to make a trip there!!! (read here)

Hope you enjoyed these articles – let me know which ones you liked best!  I’ll keep sorting through the good and bad to bring you the best Disney updates in My Disney Desktop!





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